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Whether you are wanting to record your indie-pop band, your metal group, a solo instrumental track, or a hiphop beat, you want the best of the best as to Mixing, Recording and Mastering at Rekapper Studios


You want the best of the best as to mixing and recording and at Rekaper Studios and we can offer the best of the best to record with and mixdown to insure that what you want to hear will come back crystal clear exactly like your dream.


Mastering is the final stage of any audio product to ensure that music is as seamless and well rounded as possible before it is released to the world through any medium. In order to create the ultimate playback experience.

Post Production

Your film is just reaching the final stages and needs a second pair of ears and eyes to ensure your masterpiece is frame and sync perfect. Pass this experience to our masterful hands to post produce for your ultimate instant classic .

Web Design

Does you, your band, or your record label have a website or CMS that looks like a 10 year old created it in Microsoft Paint or Geocities. Task our professional Front End Developer, onto designing your personalized websites, themes and templates.

About Rekapper Studios

Featuring an extensive discography of works

Discography and Works:

Alex Palmer, Blingley, HiFi Banjo Strings, Flying Batteries, Kent Daleng, mattir, MaximilliaN, New Dark Age, The Mystic Caves, New Motive Power, A Problem Like Maria, Rekapper, Snailhead, StratosFear, Viktor Disque, and Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack
And Post Production/Mastering On:
"H" by Matti Reissig

  • Electronic Dance Music

    EDM + House + DnB + Dubstep + Glitch

  • Jazz

    Jazz + Funk + Fusion

  • Rock

    Brazilian + Pop + Rock + Metal + Scottish + Electro Rock

  • Ambience + Texture

    Ambient + Textural + Noise + Foley + SFX


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